While I appreciate Tim Uhler's review of wormdrive saws ("Inline Circular Saws," 7/11), I do dispute one remark - that sidewinders are less durable and more likely to bog down. As a southpaw, I find sidewinders much more user-friendly, although I can use a wormdrive anytime it's necessary. I have had a Black & Decker industrial-grade Super Sawcat for more years than I can count. It's got a 15-amp motor and has put up with everything I've demanded of it. It can cut up to a 50-degree bevel angle, and its blade-depth adjustment is accurate to within 1/32 inch - without having to set the saw on the material for reference. For cuts that are hard to complete with a wormdrive, the sidewinder, with its opposite tilt, is always there to help. Its rip fence - while nowhere near the size of the new DeWalt wormdrive's - is larger than that of any other wormdrive saw I've seen on the job. I believe the B&D commercial line was absorbed by DeWalt, and its version of this saw falls well short. I'll miss my saw when it dies, and it will probably be impossible to replace with one that has as many features. If you've never seen one, believe me, it is a really well-designed piece of machinery. I hope the industry can build something comparable before this one quits.

Eric Blomberg Fine Line Building & Design Trinity County, Calif.

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