“Eustace Conway is perplexed, astounded and outraged at recent events leading to the closure of Turtle Island Preserve, a 1,000-acre primitive refuge offering educational camps and internships, which he founded 26 years ago in the Triplett community of Watauga County,” reports the High Country Press (“The Battle at Turtle Island Continues, Both Sides Stand Firm as Sen. Soucek Could Become Unlikely Mediator,” by Jesse Wood). Inspectors took exception to the complex’s stone foundations, outhouses, and lack of “kitchen areas, sinks, bathrooms, potable hot water, [or] showers,” the paper reported. But after Conway appeared in person before the state’s Building Code Council, it appeared that a compromise might be achievable: by unanimous vote, the Council directed staff to “study the issue and find a solution,” according to a follow-up story (“Eustace of Turtle Island Speaks Before NC Building Code Council, Members Direct Staff to Find ‘Good Solution’,” by Jesse Wood).