News of a devastating fire in an apartment complex in Edgewater in the region that have prompted NJ lawmakers to react, but it's not the only story that points a finger at the  risks posed by light wood framing.

The Glen Falls Poststar reported last month that a New York state law went into effect at the start of the year that is intended to give firefighters a heads up about the type of risks they may be facing when entering a burning home.

Any new construction or renovation using truss type, pre-engineered wood or timber construction must be labeled on residential buildings.  Looking a bit like a UL sticker (see Example Truss Identification Sticker - PDF), the type of sign is one that’s been used in commercial structures for a number of years.

While not significantly burdening buiders, questions do arise: Does this add fuel to the fire surrounding the risks of lightweight framing? Will fire-rated construction methods change significantly? Will this give a push to mandates for residential fire sprinklers?  No doubt we've not heard the last on this topic.