A. The best place to start is the Environmental Protection Agency's Radon Mitigation Standards website at www.epa.gov/radon/pubs/mitstds.html. There you'll find links to a wide range of useful information, including a searchable index, radon publications, radon hotlines, radon myths and facts, and a good collection of other radon links. The EPA also provides you with directions for finding a qualified radon service professional in your area (www.epa.gov/radon/proficiency.html). Since the EPA shut down its National Radon Proficiency Program (RPP) in 1998, it also provides contacts for every state at www.epa.gov/iaq/whereyoulive.html.

Paul Fisette is director of Building Materials and Wood Technology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a contributing editor to The Journal of Light Construction

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