I've been a builder for 16 years and have specialized in roofing for the last five. I do mainly asphalt roofs, but like most roofers in northern New England I've also done my share of traditional slate roofs and slate repairs. So I was interested when a salesman for a new slate-installation system, Nu-lok, invited me to look at doing a job with the product (Nu-lok Roofing Systems, 800/946-8565, www.nu-lokusa.com). That was three years ago, and since then I've done several more Nu-lok roofs. From now on, if anyone asks me to do a slate roof, I will recommend this system.

The method is easier and faster than traditional slate roofing, plus it provides a ventilation space under the entire roof, which dramatically reduces ice buildup (I've been able to observe this on local jobs I've done).

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