JLC Field Guide: Gutters

Some cold-climate builders avoid gutters because of their reputation for getting clogged with ice. The ice bends them, pops their seams, and sometimes pulls them off the house. Yet without gutters, any water not handled at the roof line must be managed on the ground.

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Getting Into Gutters

This specialty trade can provide profits in slow times. More

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Replacing a Wooden Gutter

A bowed, sagging wall complicated this custom repair. More

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Soldering Seams

Regardless of the iron or tip used, soldering requires some prep work. Make sure that the tip is clean and that the four facets are flat and meet at a sharp point. More

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Gutters Instruction Articles

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California Bungalow Makeover

New roots, new bones, new space, and a new roof: in Berkeley, California, Blue Dog... More

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Testing Florida's Gable-End Retrofit Rules

Since 2007, Florida has required contractors to reinforce the wall-to-roof... More

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Strengthening Roof-to-Wall Connections

New Florida codes compel contractors to upgrade the roof-wall connections on... More

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Gutters in Cold Climes

Q. The jury still seems to be out as to whether to install gutters in a northern climate. Could you please shed some light on this, especially as to how omitting gutters would contribute to leaky basements? More

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Q&A: Shingle Overhang

Q: How far beyond the drip-edge should an asphalt shingle extend? Is the amount of overhang the same at the rake as at the eave? More

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