If you lived in Minnesota and you wanted to visit Boston, would you come in February? And when you got there, would you sleep in a hotel room in Framingham with three other guys?

Before you answer: What if the money was good?

That's the situation for Dmitry Lipinskiy, who owns Ice Dam Liquidators in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Lipinskiy saw the situation in Boston on television and went home to tell his wife, "We're going to Boston." Why? "Because they need us." That, and for an hourly rate of $350 to $450 an hour. The Boston Globe has the story (see: "Minnesota crews come to the rescue of Mass. rooftops," by Cristela Guerra).

The snow in Boston this year isn't deep — it's epic. Lipinskiy's isn't the only Minnesota company to answer the call of duty, the Globe reports: Steve Kuhl's The Ice Dam Company, based in Hopkins, Minn., mobilized crews after his website got 247,000 views in February, most traceable back to the Boston area.

Says Kuhl: "People tell us they haven't slept in days, they're surrounded by buckets, or they hired a guy who put a hole in their wall … There's going to be two big stories in the near future: the damage done by people who don't know what they're doing and all the flooding and interior repairs."