In a follow-up to last week's mention of Will Holladay, here's a review on Will's latest go-to roof framing resource. This review comes via ThisIsCarpentry by Ray Scholz, an American roofer who moved to Narvik, Norway, and made a job transition, eventually passing the Norwegian Journeyman’s Exam and Practical Test to become a Certified Carpenter.

I got my start in roof framing because I was personally interested in it, and it seemed that there was a lack of local knowledge on the subject. I live in Norway, and almost everything here is trussed. I tried to find some kind of course to take but, as far as I know, there is no course on the subject in Northern Norway, and there are no Norwegian books or DVDs. ... I turned to the Internet and ordered a vast amount of books and DVDs. In fact, I probably have every book and DVD available on the subject (in English, of course). ... Will Holladay’s DVD program, “Roof Framing for the Professional,” was the best on the subject, and he goes a little more in-depth than the others I purchased.  Read more.