JLC Field Guide: Slate

New slate is not installed much these days, so this section focuses on inspection and repair. 

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Slate Featured Articles

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Synthetic Roofing Underlayments

These new membranes are lighter, stronger, and faster to install than traditional... More

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Step Flashing vs. Continuous Flashing

Do a little homework before abandoning the decades-long practice of using step... More

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Installing Synthetic Slate

This alternative to slate is light, rugged, and easy to cut. More

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A New Way to Install Slate Roofs

This batten and clip system reduces the slate required to cover the roof by nearly... More

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Slate Instruction Articles

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Installing Continuous Flashing

Code specialist, Glenn Mathewson, takes a look at a recent IRC provision allowing... More

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Damage From Roof Moss

That green growth on your roof might be causing expensive damage to many parts of... More

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Q&A: Venting Shed Roofs

Q: I want to vent an existing shed roof that intersects a vertical wall at the ridge. Because this roof is at the front of the house, I don’t want to place any visible vents in the roof. Is there an inconspicuous ridge vent available that can be insta More

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Bending V-Crimped Valley Flashing

Keep runoff under control where roofs of different pitches intersect. More

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Q&A: Wide Ridge Vent

Q: I have a job with a ridge beam built-up out of four pieces of LVL. Is there a... More

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