Safe, Clean, & Secure. These attributes for a construction site don’t happen by accident. Here, in some greater depth than in the video, are the steps that I take.

#1 Safety

I mostly do infill construction, so a job-perimeter fence is critical for me. I generally rent these fences from a local fence contractor and pass this along to my clients as a job cost. These bring a great level of security, but their main purpose is to block the view from the street. Remember that prospects are checking out your jobsites and can easily assume a messy view means a shoddy construction job. When I started my career with a production builder, we regularly had days when the big bosses would drive all the jobsites and perform a “shiny face” inspection. Basically, they were looking for messy jobsites and told us that our reputation as a builder hinged on nothing more than organization & cleanliness. I still adhere to this policy 20 years later. Take a minute today and view your construction site from the lens of a prospect who knows nothing about our business. You’ll be shocked at what you’ve overlooked!

Remember to put up all your silt fencing at the job start time, too. Any area that might wash mud off your lot into a street or neighbor’s yard needs silt fence erected.

#2 Tree Protection

This is the time to take some care in protecting your trees around the building site. Use 2×4’s and baling wire to make a shield around trunks near your construction zone. Larger trees that are near the zone need a perimeter fence & a deep bed of mulch to help protect the roots. The perimeter fence should ideally be located at the drip line of the tree. Tree roots can be impacted severely by driving over them, so the fence keeps traffic away. Sometimes traffic can’t be avoided, so the deep mulch bed (6"-10") can help cushion the impact of a truck driving through this zone. If your clients have trees they are especially sensitive about, it’s worth hiring a licensed arborist to give you a protection plan. I have two guys I use and they generally charge $125 for a site visit and a plan. Cheap insurance.

#3 Organization:

I’m throwing a few items into this umbrella, but let’s start with a job office. Not every job will require a job office, but when you have complicated or longer jobs, these are vital. I rent mine monthly and find them invaluable to managing jobs efficiently. We also often rent a shipping container to use for secure storage.

I hope it is helpful to see what we use on our jobsites. Please comment below if I have missed anything here that you’ve found helpful on your construction sites.

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