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Cavity Fill Insulation: Alternatives by Alex Wilson Concern about ozone depletion is proving to be a boon for manufacturers of cavity-fill foam insulation products that do not use CFC as the foaming agent. Tripolymer Foam, Icynene, and Air- Krete are three such products, and while very different, they all produce a rigid or semi-rigid cavity-fill insulation and offer an alternative to spray urethane, cellulose, and fiberglass. Tripolymer Foam, Icynene, and Air-Krete do not use CFC as the foaming agent...a plus with all the concern about ozone depletion. Tripolymer Foam Tripolymer foam, manufactured by the C.P. Chemical Company in White Plains, N.Y. is a phenolicbased foam, chemically similar to Koppers' phenolic foam. The primary difference is that air rather than CFC is used as the foaming agent. There is no harm