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Say No to Snitching

The announcement that OSHA plans “to enlist building inspectors in nearly a dozen U.S. cities as undercover safety officers” (JLC Report, 7/10) just burns me up. We inspectors have tried for years to serve our homeowner clients and at the same time foster a working relationship with builders. And now, Big Brother, the federal government, wants us to tell on them. I believe this will destroy any mutual respect between inspectors and builders. If this goes through, professional home inspectors will be very unwelcome on job sites. My peers can decide if they wish to take part in this; I won’t. Enough is enough!

Chris Keeling

ASHI #11702, GAHI #96105, ICC #5185864

Lawrenceville, Ga.

Likes Simple HVAC

I loved the article “Bare Bones HVAC Proves Its Worth in Affordable Development” (JLC Report, 7/10); kudos for touching on a subject that is often ignored because it doesn’t sell more product. I have long been an advocate of simple convection heating designs, due to their efficiency and low cost of operation.

Damon Starnes

NW Renovations

Sherwood, Ore.

Strategic Reuse

Like many contractors, we use job-site trailers with shelves, but no one likes to paw through bags looking for the nail or screw they want. So our staff has started saving their laundry detergent containers. We cut the jug so as to leave the handle in place while providing easy access to the contents.


Ray Cox

Northfield Construction Co.

Northfield, Minn.