Gary Lee Rodriguez and Thomas Proctor, both of Galveston, Texas, were working together last December on a remodeling project in Santa Fe. According to an account on, the men had moved a staircase from one location to another in the house in order to gain access to an area behind the stairs.

In connection with a suit filed August 8 in Galveston County District Court by Rodriguez, the plaintiff claims that at a point in the project when he and Proctor were working in separate areas of the house, Proctor instructed him to climb the relocated stairway to help with a task on the second floor.  The stair collapsed, “slamming” both men to the ground floor. Proctor was unhurt, but Rodriguez claims that he suffered “grievous bodily injuries.”

Rodriguez blames Proctor for failing to secure the staircase in its new location. The suit charges Proctor with failing to provide a safe workplace, failing to provide appropriate safety equipment, and failing to properly supervise. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified monetary damages.