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Conditioning Homes

A recipe for eliminating interior callbacks More

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Best Practice for Stucco Parapet Caps

To ensure a waterproof installation, use adhesive between layers of waterproofing... More

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Working With Foam Subfloor Adhesive

The pros and cons of working with DAP SmartBond polyurethane subfloor adhesive,... More

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JLC June Letters

Risinger’s recent video sparks a debate about Tyvek, and a reader takes issue with foam-slicing saws. More

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SawStop Contractor Table Saw

SawStop Contractor Table Saw More

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Homemade Miter Saw Stands

Many carpenters make their own saw stands, which they can tailor exactly to the work they do. These stands are their workbenches, and because the stands are wooden, users can nail or screw their accessories anywhere. More

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Universal Design Becoming Common in Bathroom Design

Universal design for the bathroom is catching on with contractors and designers. More

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Air-Sealing for Hot Climates

Excluding heat and humidity saves energy, improves comfort, and increases durability More

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Permit Rules for Teardowns Are Tightening

Teardowns aren't as common as they were during the boom, but they're still causing problems in some communities. More

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Residential Rainwater-Collection Systems

Water for household use is within easy reach, but you have to filter and disinfect... More

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