Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX

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Houston "Extreme Makeover" House For Sale — and Marked Down

Life has changed for the recipients of a free eight-bedroom mansion on the shores of the Galveston Bay, and they’re moving on. More

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Is Texas Ready for a Big Storm?

Researchers say another hurricane like Ike could be a much worse disaster. Experts... More

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Breaking Through the Language Barrier

Going back to school to learn Spanish can pay big dividends in the field More

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State Farm Pulls Back In Texas

State Farm Pulls Back In Texas More

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Installing a Split Column

During a recent remodeling project in Houston, we demolished a structurally... More

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Ike Recovery: Worries and Finger-Pointing
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Interview: Point of Focus

GB General Contractors dodged a bullet when Rita roared to town. The second... More

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In The News

Storm-protection products take off; Arizona cracks down; Washington state's... More

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