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An App That Changed the Way I Work

Using an online scheduling app for sales calls improves productivity while providing prospective customers with a better experience. More

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Philadelphia Building Collapse Leads To Murder Charge

The death of six people crushed by a Philadelphia building that collapsed onte a nearby store has resulted in a murder indictment for the demolition contractor on the job. More

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New Computer System Snarls Workers Comp In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania workers comp cases are in limbo because a new computer system, introduced to increase efficiency, is having the opposite effect. More

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Government Shutdown To Hamper Hurricane Sandy Recovery

The deadlock in Washington means more trouble for Hurricane Sandy victims. More

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Replacing a Slab Foundation

When the original builder flubs a foundation, someone else has to clean up the mess. More

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Preparing for a future economic slump; houses collapse in Philadelphia; heat kills; certified green trusses; hiding garage doors; use renewable energy in Colorado or pay the price; more More

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Toolbox: Segmental Arches

Layout tool for segmental arches More

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Kitchen & Bath: Effective Bathroom Ventilation

Sizing a bathroom vent fan More

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Strictly Business: Keeping Tabs on Production

Keeping track of production More

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Q&A: Carpet Filtration Mystery

Q: We are builders in the Philadelphia area. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced several cases of what we’ve been told is "carpet filtration" — dark ghost lines that appear on the carpet under doors and around the perimeter of rooms. We tested the hvac system and found a sizeable imbalance between the supply and return sides, so we added an additional central return system to equalize the pressures. Is the imbalance the major cause of the filtration? If not, what are the causes? We have had to replace some carpet, and hope that we don’t continue to be liable for a recurring problem. More

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