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Seattle Cop Becomes Drywaller For Undercover Labor Bust

An undercover operation has resulted in charges against a Washington State drywall contractor for underpaying and threatening workers. More

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Stabilizing a Brick Exterior

Unstable brick is tied to the floor framing with standard hold downs, threaded rod... More

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Reinvent the Toilet Fair - High Tech Sanitation for the Future

Bill Gates hosted the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Seattle where 8 prototypes of a... More

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Open-Joint Siding

In the Seattle area, where I work, we get a lot of rain. From the mid-90s to the... More

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Is Rain-Screen Siding Worth the Effort?

It's good insurance against problems caused by wind-driven rain, but experts wonder whether the additional cost is necessary. More

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Hiding Exposed Screw Heads

On most kitchen cabinet installations, the mounting screws are inconspicuous and the client never notices them. More

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Preventing cracks in wide cedar shingles; full-scale wall layout suggestions; bathroom GFCI code; preventing sags in ceilings drywall; more More

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Arsenic and pressure-treated lumber; construction-training high school; Masonite gives up on hardboard siding; free trade in Canadian lumber; more More

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Q&A: How Rain Screens Work

Q: I plan to install wood siding over a vented rain screen on a house in Seattle, where we get rain for long periods during the winter. My question is, how can the air cavity dry if the exterior relative humidity is 100 percent? Assuming the air cavity temperature is the same as the exterior temperature, the air coming through the cavity can’t pick up any additional moisture. More

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Floating Floor Options

Floating floors offer some advantages over conventional hardwood strip flooring: They’re more dimensionally stable, come prefinished, and because they’re laminated, are available in wood species that would be cost-prohibitive in full-thickness flooring. Here’s a survey of what’s available. More

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