April 1995 Table of Contents

Detail: Air-Sealing Truss Floors

This straightforward technique uses tight-fitting rigid foam to air-seal and insulate truss floor perimeters. Read more

Making Sense of Your Balance Sheet

These standard balance sheet ratios will take the mystery out of your financial records and help you make sound long-term management decisions. Read more

Ten Common Framing Flaws

When it comes to framing, small errors can lead to big problems. A building inspector red-flags the ten most common framing mistakes he encounters, and tells how to do it right. Read more

Setting Trusses: Tips From the Tracks

A western production framer explains how to order, stack, and set trusses quickly and accurately — without laying out the plates. Read more

Slab-on-Grade Foundations

Where deep frost is not a danger, shallow footings and floor slabs can be formed and poured together. A New Mexico contractor takes a step-by-step look at how to excavate, form, brace, and finish monolithic slabs. Read more

Taking Care of Business

Working contractors share tips on how to run your business better. Read more

Woodburning Technology Update

To comply with federal emissions regulations, manufacturers have designed a new breed of wood stoves and fireplaces that burn cleaner and more efficiently. Read more

Working With Your Blasting Contractor

A drilling and blasting contractor tells what to expect if you have to blast, and gives advice on how to minimize costs. Read more


Stamped drawings, fiberglass vs. cellulose, sink strainers Read more

Eight-Penny News

Qualified Framer program, OSHA inspectors target small builders, retread roof, new itchless fiberglass insulation Read more

Q&A: Temporary Bearing Support Q&A: Temporary Bearing Support

Q: We will soon build an addition to a balloon-framed house. This job calls for opening up one exterior bearing wall. We plan to install the beam flush with the ceiling joists so we have a continuous ceiling plane between the old and new structures. What is the best way to temporarily support the structure above this beam? Read more

Legal Column: Patch to Match

Contract language for plans that say “match existing” Read more

Builder's Library: Designing "Green" Interiors

Designing eco-friendly interiors, legal guide to employee policies Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Tricks of the Trade

Tools and tips from expert installers Read more

For What It's Worth

New insulated concrete block, knock-down lumber rack for pickups, clips for patching holes in drywall, fix for squeaky floors Read more

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