June 2001 Table of Contents

Choosing Flexible Flashings Choosing Flexible Flashings

There are more flexible flashings on the market than ever before, made from a variety of materials. We take a close look at what’s out there and provide pointers on choosing the right material for the job. Read more

Closing Contract Loopholes Closing Contract Loopholes

Unfortunately, even the most iron-clad contract may have holes — until you plug them. A group of builders share clauses that they added to their contracts after getting stung by a client. Read more

Cordless Recip Saws Cordless Recip Saws

JLC ’s We ran a group of eight cordless reciprocating saws through some tough testing — and generally liked what we found: more power and longer run-times than expected. Read more

Sawing Concrete Sawing Concrete

A specialty contractor explains how he uses a track-mounted saw and a diamond blade to cut foundation openings to order. This economical service delivers smooth cuts quickly and without dust. Read more

Reader Survey: Siding Choices

What do you think of today’s siding materials? What would you put on your own house? We asked 1,000 readers for their views; here’s what they told us. Read more


Preventing cracks in wide cedar shingles; full-scale wall layout suggestions; bathroom GFCI code; preventing sags in ceilings drywall; more Read more


Arsenic and pressure-treated lumber; construction-training high school; Masonite gives up on hardboard siding; free trade in Canadian lumber; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Venting Hip Roofs

Q: Can I use a ridge vent to vent a hip roof? Read more

Q&A: Leak-Free Metal Roofs Q&A: Leak-Free Metal Roofs

Q: I am installing steel roofing panels with exposed fasteners. Where it is necessary to install two panels between the ridge and the eaves, how much should the panels overlap? Read more

Q&A: Footing Width for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

Q: We‘ll be building a house on a frost-protected shallow foundation. Are the requirements for sizing the portion of the slab that forms the thickened footing around the perimeter of the slab the same as the requirements for a typical monolithic floating Read more

Q&A: Rusting Steel Studs

Q: We are currently building a steel-framed house near the ocean in California. Our site is very close to the water, and I am concerned about rust problems developing in the steel framing. We have already noticed small surface rust spots on some of the st Read more

Q&A: Installing 20-Amp Breakers

Q: In a residential rewiring job, I am removing the existing conductors from steel flex conduit and installing new #12 solid wire, pulled through the flex conduit. Can I convert all of the existing 15-amp breakers to 20-amp breakers? Read more

Q&A: Installing Wood Gutters Q&A: Installing Wood Gutters

Q: I will be installing a 40-ft. length of wood gutter on a historic house. Can you provide details for joining gutter sections, end capping, and installing the outlets? Read more

By Design: Designing With Siding

Improving elevations with varied siding treatments Read more

Strictly Business: Finding the Time

How to hire help when you think you can’t Read more

Legal Adviser: Concealed Conditions

Be ready for concealed conditions Read more

Trade Talk
Trade Talk: When a Flue Is Too Big

When is a flue too big to vent an appliance safely? Read more


Safety videos Read more


Recycled underlayment; guard against tannin bleeding; stronger lattice; composite fencing; jamb extensions; more Read more

Backfill: High-Rise Bamboo

High-rise staging with bamboo Read more

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