July 2003 Table of Contents

First Time Out With ICFs First Time Out With ICFs

Foam forms can save time and money while providing a superior finished product. The key, an ICF newcomer reports, is providing strong connections and plenty of bracing. Read more

Installing High-Velocity HVAC Installing High-Velocity HVAC

Streamlined ductwork, flexible vent placement, and efficient year-round performance make a strong case for high-velocity HVAC, says this veteran installer. Read more

Making Sense of the Liability Insurance Crisis

Insurance costs have gone through the roof, and availability is declining. What's behind the crisis, and how can builders continue to thrive in spite of it? Read more

Problem-Solving Tools & Materials Problem-Solving Tools & Materials

This year's collection of new products can help you work smarter and better. Read more

Working With Shotcrete Working With Shotcrete

Pneumatically applied concrete isn't just for big commercial projects. A specialty concrete contractor describes the process and explains how it can save time and effort for home builders Read more

Running Crown on Cathedral Ceilings Running Crown on Cathedral Ceilings

A finish carpenter describes the pros and cons of four techniques for installing crown molding on a cathedral or vaulted ceiling. Read more


Condensation cure, more on hip framing, performance guidelines Read more

In the News In the News

Western water shortages, Weyerhaeuser antitrust suit, cold-weather concrete pours, scheduling part-time office help, California condo comeback, mor Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Reinforcing Mud-Bed Tile Floors Q&A: Reinforcing Mud-Bed Tile Floors

Q. What's the right type of mesh to use in a mud-bed tile floor? Should I use a self-furring lath (like the type used in stucco work) so that it centers itself in the mud? Read more

Q&A: Assessing Old Structural Timbers

Q. I'm looking at a project to convert a 1920s-era three-story industrial building into residential lofts. Much of the heavy timber interior frame has been exposed to a lot of weather because of roof deterioration during years when the building was not ma Read more

Legal: Deciphering Catastrophic Insurance

Making sense of catastrophic insurance Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Turning the Kitchen and Bath Green Kitchen & Bath: Turning the Kitchen and Bath Green

Green products for the kitchen and bath Read more

Toolbox: Metal Cutting Goes Cordless Toolbox: Metal Cutting Goes Cordless

DeWalt cordless metal-cutting circular saw, plus tools for measuring, painting, and cutting Read more

Tools of the Trade
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