May 2005 Table of Contents

Tool Test: Compact Rotary Hammers Tool Test: Compact Rotary Hammers

The best tools hit hard, drill fast, and stop immediately if the bit jams. Read more

Installing Curved Exterior Trim Installing Curved Exterior Trim

Accurate framing and full-size millwork templates guaranteed a precise fit. Read more

Raising the Ceilings in a Whole-House Remodel Raising the Ceilings in a Whole-House Remodel

Thanks to a good plan, a sizable crew, and a bunch of 20-ton screw jacks, the walls of this house grew taller. Read more

Replacing a Leaking Chimney Cap Replacing a Leaking Chimney Cap

Built with concrete rather than mortar and detailed to shed water, this chimney cap should outlast the chimney beneath it. Read more

Wiring The High-Tech House Wiring The High-Tech House

Structured wiring is the backbone that makes home automation work. Read more


Hot-mop variations; strong connections; snap goes the post; more Read more

News News

Code change would allow unvented attics; builder costs rise as boom continues; new glue aims to replace mortar; the rush to mandate fire sprinklers; more Read more

Q & A
Tiling a Breezeway Q&A Tiling a Breezeway

Q. I've been asked to tile the floor of an enclosed breezeway that gets tracked with a lot of dirt, leaves, and snow. Besides being subject to the temperature extremes found in Ohio, the existing concrete slab has a crack running across its width. Is porcelain tile the best option in this situation, and how should it be installed? Read more

Q&A Painting Cedar Shutters

Q. What's the best way to prep and paint new cedar shutters? Read more

Q&A Refinishing Faded Wood Floors

Q. My 7-year-old hardwood floor needs to be refinished because the stain faded from the sun. I was hoping to restain it with a product that could withstand direct sunlight. Do you have any recommendations? Read more

Designing With Interior Trim Design Designing With Interior Trim

As usual, there are no hard and fast rules, just a framework of context to guide your trim design decisions. Read more

Business Job-Costing for Survival

Accurate estimating is the foundation of your business. Until you have control over your estimates, anything else you want to do with your company is mostly a pipe dream. Read more

Protecting Your Retirement Legal Protecting Your Retirement

Contractors who have spent years trying to make money often fail to think about how they will protect their assets once it's time to sell or close down the business. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Jetted tubs; range hoods Read more


Asphalt shingles; heating and cooling equipment; home automation Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Mini skid-steer loaders; home-inspection tools; work wear Read more

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