September 2005 Table of Contents

Adding Timber Rafter Tails To a Stick-Framed Roof Adding Timber Rafter Tails To a Stick-Framed Roof

A good plan and shop-made parts simplify this classy detail. Read more

Avoiding Expensive Mistakes Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

Use this preconstruction checklist to head off trouble before the job starts. Read more

Drywall Art Drywall Art

Layering drywall is a simple way to dress up an otherwise boring surface. Read more

New Products for Kitchen and Bath New Products for Kitchen and Bath

What we found while tromping the aisles of K/BIS 2005. Read more

Protecting Doors and Windows In Wet Climates Protecting Doors and Windows In Wet Climates

To fend off rot, treat wood with borates and epoxy coatings, keep jambs and sills elevated, and provide ventilation wherever you can. Read more

Letters Letters

Wiring for the future; painting stucco; window flashing Read more

In The News In The News

New soy-based glue creates bond without formaldehyde; lumber chain targets builders; Texas grapples with workers' comp; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A LVLs Rotting in Crawlspaces

Q. Many homes in the Dallas area are built on crawlspaces and use LVL beams. Most of these homes have dirt floors but are built to code with regard to crawlspace ventilation. In many cases, I'm finding that the engineered wood is rotting at the point wher Read more

Insulating a Knee Wall Q&A Insulating a Knee Wall

Q. Insulating a Knee Wall What's the best way to insulate a knee wall? Read more

Q&A How to Tape a Knee Wall

Q. As a remodeler, I've hung and taped my share of drywall on small jobs, but knee walls and sloped ceilings always give me a problem. I'm never able to get a really straight joint on these irregular inside corners. How do the pros do it? Read more

Q&A Limits on Outlets

Q. How many receptacles can I put on a 15-amp and a 20-amp circuit? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Fast Drawers On the Job: Fast Drawers

Fast drawers; easy brick cleanup Read more

Business Business

Curb insurance costs with a health savings account; handyman's choice: generalization or specialization? Read more

Legal Plan Ahead With a Buy-Sell Agreement

Most contractors are so immersed in the day-to-day issues of running a company they fail to protect themselves against events that could cost them or their families the business. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Tile Backsplash Tips Kitchen & Bath Tile Backsplash Tips

If your clients are like me, they're not looking for any extra places to clean. So why suggest that they install a 3- or 4-inch-tall backsplash on their kitchen countertop? Read more


Time-saving towel bars; electronics garage; manufactured chimneys; structural sheathing; outdoor lighting Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

LVLs in crawlspaces; insulating knee walls; taping knee walls; limits on outlets Read more

JLC Field Guide
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