2006 Issues

May 2006 May 2006

In this issue: Building A Block Foundation — Framing a Hipped Tray Ceiling — Installing an Over-the-Post Handrail - Part II — Panelizing Houses — Synthetic Roofing Underlayments

September 2006 September 2006

In this issue: Fast Fixes for Closet Flanges — Framing Rake Walls — Glass-Block Shower Window — Rotproof Fences — Using a Tablet Computer

November 2006 November 2006

In this issue: Block-Laying Basics — Building a Slate-Tile Deck — Electrical Problem-Solvers — Framing a Spiral Staircase — Investing in Real Estate

January 2006 January 2006

In this issue: 2005 JLC Index — Building Brick Stairs — Controlling The Job With Purchase Orders — Flashing an Entry Door — Tool Test: Trim Routers

February 2006 February 2006

In this issue: Choosing Kneepads — Installing On-Demand Water Heaters — Installing Your Basic Pocket-Door Kit — Quick Layout for Stair Rails and Balusters

March 2006 March 2006

In this issue: Building a Stone Retaining Wall — Detailing Rain-Screen Siding — Innovations in Sound Control — Practical Passive Solar — Retrofitting an Engineered Shear Panel

April 2006 April 2006

In this issue: Getting Ready For Drywall — Installing an Over-the-Post Handrail - Part One — Remodeling for Aging In Place — Replacing a Bearing Wall With a Flush Beam — Seismic Retrofit For Cripple Walls

June 2006 June 2006

In this issue: Adding a Cantilevered Bay — Decorative Shingling — Practical Plaster Repair — Restoring Wood Floors Without Sanding — Tool Test: Coil Roofing Nailers

July 2006 July 2006

In this issue: Bending Trex — DeWalt's Sitelock Alarm — Innovative Products 2006 — Installing a Twenty-Foot Header — Tool Test: 23-Gauge Pin Nailers

August 2006 August 2006

In this issue: Building With Structural Insulated Panels — Hardware Show Roundup — Safety Lessons — Tool Test: Pneumatic Cap Nailers — Trimming a Houseful of Windows Production Style

October 2006 October 2006

In this issue: Building a Frame-and-Panel Fireplace — Efficiency Dos and Don'ts From an Energy Nerd — Estimating With a Spreadsheet — Fast-Tracking a Pop-Top Addition — Reroofing With Spray Foam

December 2006 December 2006

In this issue: Buying a Skid Steer — Framing the First-Floor Deck — Making Curved Crown — Supporting Brick Veneer On Wood Framing

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