December 2007 Table of Contents

Building an Arched Passageway Building an Arched Passageway

This straightforward approach combines basic shop methods with simple site joinery to create an elegant frame-and-panel archway. Read more

Fine-Tuning the Frame for Finish Fine-Tuning the Frame for Finish

Inspecting the frame before drywall ensures the trim will look its best, and can save a bundle in repairs. Read more

Taming Butt Joints Taming Butt Joints

Have to finish your own drywall? You may want to take a look at this tool. Read more

Letters Letters

Questions about AFCI rules; Mac estimators; roof-ventilation correction; fastening underlayment Read more

In the News

Controversial shelter-in-place developments withstand Southern California's wildfires; Florida legislation burdens roofers; Long Island building probe yields arrests; more Read more

Q & A
Hidden Hinge Options Q&A Hidden Hinge Options

Q: We have a client who would like interior door hinges that are totally hidden when the door is closed. Are there any hidden hinges available that are relatively easy to install and have some adjustability? Read more

Q&A Modified vs. Unmodified Mortar With Kerdi Membranes

Q: When installing stone tiles over Schluter's Kerdi waterproofing membrane, is it okay to use modified thinset mortar? I know that Schluter recommends unmodified thinset mortar, but my supplier suggests that the large and heavy tiles will be easier to install with a polymer-modified no-sag mortar. Read more

Q&A Connecting Gutter Downspouts to Footing Drains

Q: Can gutter downspouts be connected to 4-inch pipes that lead to footing drains? The footing drains eventually terminate at daylight, away from the house. Read more

Profiting From Allowances Business Profiting From Allowances

I don't much like allowances, which let homeowners postpone decisions that really should be made before the project even breaks ground. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Tubs; kitchen ventilation Read more


Exterior trim; housewrap Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Makita compact cordless drill and impact driver; Kevlar work jeans; plumbing and heating; tile Read more

The View From Above Backfill The View From Above

In its few years of existence, the virtual globe program Google Earth — which allows anyone with Internet access and a personal computer to zoom in on recent satellite images of almost any point on the earth's surface — has attracted millions of enthusiastic users. Read more

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