January 2007 Table of Contents

Hanging A Door From Scratch Hanging A Door From Scratch

With a router, a hinge template, and a few other specialized tools, custom doors are almost as easy to fit as prehungs. Read more

2006 JLC Index

Our annual listing of features and departments. Read more

Replacing an Electrical Service Replacing an Electrical Service

Upgrading service equipment increases safety and load capacity while bringing the house up to code. Read more

Shingle Art Shingle Art

These vines won't rot the siding or harbor bird's nests. Read more

Underpinning a Foundation Underpinning a Foundation

Before adding new living space above an existing garage, make sure the footings can handle the load. Read more


Dangers of oily rags; home-inspector standards; FEMA flood insurance; efficiency exchange; OSHA compliance Read more

In the News In the News

Builders weather economic downturn; DeWalt circ-saw recall; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Slate in the Shower

Q: My client wants to install slate tile in her shower to match the tile on her bathroom floor. I know that slate is porous and harder to keep clean than ceramic tile, but is there a good sealer that can be used with the slate so that maintenance will be manageable? Read more

Q&A How Strong Are SIPs?

Q: In a SIP, how secure is the bond between the OSB skin and the EPS (expanded polystyrene) core? Can this bond be compromised by water infiltration or insect damage, or could the insulated core deteriorate over time? If that bond were to fail, it seems to me the whole structure would fall apart like a giant house of cards. Read more

Q&A Is Drywall Needed With Spray-Foam Basement Insulation?

Q. Is Drywall Needed With Spray-Foam Basement Insulation? When the interior walls of an unfinished basement have been insulated with Icynene (or a similar spray-foam insulation), can the foam be left exposed, or does it have to be covered by a noncombustible material? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Wet-Location Protection for Hardwood Flooring On the Job: Wet-Location Protection for Hardwood Flooring

Wet-location protection for hardwood flooring; an old nailing trick; recip blade compass Read more

Business Help Your Remodeling Customers Find Financing

The remodeling business is largely a service business: The companies that give customers the best service tend to get the best referrals. But to deliver truly superlative service, you've got to have all the cards — and in today's competitive market your trump card may be the ability to arrange financing. Read more


Air sealing; interior doors Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Hitachi C12LSH sliding compound miter saw; circular saws; back-savers Read more

Ghosts of the Gold Rush Backfill Ghosts of the Gold Rush

Tell Charley Spiller that his roofs look like they've been cobbled together from tin cans, and he'll thank you for the compliment. Spiller, a maintenance mechanic for California's Bodie State Historic Park, works in the ghost town of Bodie, Calif., on buildings that haven't been inhabited for a half century or more, and he wants them to keep looking that way. Read more

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