September 2007 Table of Contents

Fast Cuts for Complex Roofs Fast Cuts for Complex Roofs

Use basic geometry and scale drawings to find the angles. Read more

Installing Stock Cabinets Installing Stock Cabinets

Turning a profit on a home-center cabinet job starts with the first site visit. Read more

Keeping Product Selections On Track Keeping Product Selections On Track

Personal attention to clients, a strong relationship with vendors, and well-organized records are key. Read more

Rain-Screen Retrofit Rain-Screen Retrofit

Improper flashing, unprimed cedar, and a southern exposure had all contributed to a moldy mess. Read more

Standby Generators Standby Generators

Whether designed for regular use or emergency power, the system your clients choose should match their particular needs. Read more


Photos prove the point; flashing, not caulk; shimming jamb extensions; energy code follow-up Read more

In the News In the News

Expanded AFCI requirements; trenching turns deadly in Southern California; nicad battery recall; more Read more

Q & A
Reducing Garage-Door Noise Q&A Reducing Garage-Door Noise

Q: We recently completed a residence with a basement garage and a single 20-foot-wide garage door. The door is equipped with a commercial opener attached directly to the framing. Because the homeowners - who have a master suite directly above the garage - have complained about the noise the door makes while in operation, I've been looking into quieter openers. But I'm also wondering if it would be better to try to isolate the working parts of the door from the structure of the building instead. What's the best solution? Read more

Q&A Can Heat From a Wood Stove Damage Taped Drywall Joints?

Q: We've been called back to repair the ceiling of a vacation-home addition we built last year. The 5/8-inch fire-rated drywall ceiling is covered with 14 inches of blown-in insulation. All the tape joints performed well except those within a 6-foot radius above the wood stove; they've lost adhesion and curled. The Northern vacation home is unheated when not occupied and undergoes 12 to 15 heating and cooling cycles annually. What caused this problem, and what's the best way to fix it? Read more

Q&A Fixing Cracks in Engineered Flooring

Q: Last spring, I installed floating engineered flooring over the original vinyl-covered concrete-slab floor of an old New York City apartment. Even though I followed the manufacturer's installation guidelines, the 8-inch-wide planks began to cup, and cracks measuring 1/32 to 1/16 inch opened up between some of them during the following winter heating season. I assume that the cracks and cupping were caused by this building's wide swings in relative humidity, and that the flooring will return to normal this summer. But my client is unhappy and claims that either the flooring or the installation is defective. Is there a way to remedy this situation, short of removing the flooring and starting over? Read more

Best Underlayment Fasteners Q&A Best Underlayment Fasteners

Q : When we install vinyl flooring, we like to fasten the underlayment with staples because they install quickly and don't need setting or filling afterwards. But occasionally we've noticed minor squeaking in some of our floors. Assuming that we're using the correct number of fasteners, would we get better results with ring-shank nails? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Chain Saws for Framing On the Job: Chain Saws for Framing

Raising the bar on efficiency; restoration in the round Read more

Business Are You Spending Your Time Profitably?

Are you spending your time profitably?; four-day workweek pays off Read more

Legal Excluding Work From a Contract

Most residential construction disputes happen because the contractor and the homeowner have different expectations about how a job will be handled. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Hardware; undercounter refrigerators Read more


Interior trim; flashing Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

Fein MultiMaster and accessories; bits & blades; cabinetmaking Read more

Not Your Grandfather's Power-Tool Race Backfill Not Your Grandfather's Power-Tool Race

Belt-sander racers step aside: Your tools just aren't fast enough — and even if they were, they're way too ordinary-looking to compete in the Power Tool Drag Races. Read more

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