July 2008 Table of Contents

Gluing Wood Flooring to Concrete Gluing Wood Flooring to Concrete

A successful job starts with a moisture test. Read more

Innovative Products 2008

Our annual pick of products designed to help you work smarter, faster, and better. Read more

A Pier-and-Beam Foundation For a Coastal Site A Pier-and-Beam Foundation For a Coastal Site

Where unstable soil and periodic tidal flooding are a concern, helical piers topped with a concrete stem wall rise to the challenge. Read more

Remodeling a Working Kitchen Remodeling a Working Kitchen

A simple reorganization of existing space and thoughtful material choices maximize efficiency and “green” appeal. Read more

Framing Red Flags Framing Red Flags

Catch these common framing and sheathing errors and you’ll prevent inspection failures and customer callbacks. Read more


Vapor retarders in North Carolina; cost of curved coffered ceiling; hiring illegal immigrants Read more

In the News

Pneumatic nailers under fire; assessing the risks of broken compact fluorescents; big builders rank low on sustainability; DeWalt recalls popular table saw; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Upgrading to Three-Prong Outlets

Q. In an older house wired with BX cable, can the original two-prong outlets be upgraded to three-prong grounded outlets, provided they're properly bonded to the original metallic boxes? Read more

Q&A Overdriven Fasteners in Zip System Sheathing

Q. When fastening ZIP System sheathing to wall and roof framing with our pneumatic nailers, we've found that it's difficult to keep nail heads from penetrating the applied protective barrier on the face of the panels. Won't these holes compromise the moisture barrier's integrity and lead to problems later on? Should they be covered with tape? And what happens if the ZIP tape fails? Read more

Q&A Clarifying Liability Coverage

Q. After working for several years as an employee, I recently headed out on my own and began shopping around for liability insurance. Most policies offer "occurrence" coverage, but one company offers a "claims made" policy that provides similar coverage for less money. What's the difference between the two types of policies? Read more

Business Lessons From the Corporate World

Imagine two builders. Builder No. 1 is an experienced project manager who decides to start his own business. His technical skills are finely honed, he knows how to manage a crew and schedule, and he builds homes that customers love. But a few years after hanging out his shingle he is still struggling financially. Read more


Basement finishing; flashing Read more

Coleman Cable Eco-Logical Smart Strip Surge Protector Toolbox Coleman Cable Eco-Logical Smart Strip Surge Protector

Phantom loads cost electric-utility customers $3 billion annually. Read more

Woods Industries LockJaw Locking Plug Extension Cords Toolbox Woods Industries LockJaw Locking Plug Extension Cords

Few things are more irritating than having a power tool repeatedly come unplugged from an extension, or dealing with a knotted connection that keeps snagging on framing members or ladders. Read more

General Cable FrogHide Ultra Flex Extension Cords Toolbox General Cable FrogHide Ultra Flex Extension Cords

Working outside in the winter usually means your extension cords will be about as supple as a frozen garden hose. Read more

Forrest Duraline Thin-Rim Blades Toolbox Forrest Duraline Thin-Rim Blades

If you regularly cut high-pressure laminate, melamine, wood veneer, or acrylic sheet, Forrest's Duraline Thin-Rim blades promise reduced chipping and a better quality of cut. Read more

Skil Ugly Recip Saw Blade Toolbox Skil Ugly Recip Saw Blade

Designed primarily for pruning and other fast cuts through wood, The Ugly recip-saw blade from Skil is perfect for trimming those overhanging limbs that get in the way while you're painting, siding, and roofing. Read more

Irwin Marathon Saw Blades Toolbox Irwin Marathon Saw Blades

I've always found that Irwin's Marathon saw blades offer a good combination of value and performance. Read more

Toolbox Pacific Laser Systems PLS180 Laser

As a remodeler, not a day goes by that I don't have to do some kind of plumb or level layout. Read more

Callander Equipment Hand Operated Jackhammer Toolbox Callander Equipment Hand Operated Jackhammer

Sometimes setting up a jackhammer and a compressor takes longer than doing the actual work. Read more

Solar Cargo Trailer Backfill Solar Cargo Trailer

Paul Bias, a green builder in Arcata, Calif., frequently works on sites where it’s difficult to get temporary power. Rather than use a generator — which is loud and dirty and easy to steal — he powers his tools with energy from the sun. Read more

JLC Extra: Solar Cargo Trailer JLC Extra: Solar Cargo Trailer

This schematic shows how to wire the trailer-mounted photovoltaic power system described in July’s Backfill article. Read more

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