October 2009 Table of Contents

Framing With Light-Gauge Steel Framing With Light-Gauge Steel

Common in commercial framing, steel studs provide straight and sturdy fire-rated partitions. Read more

Lowering a Basement Floor Lowering a Basement Floor

Gaining an extra foot of headroom isn’t easy, but it can yield valuable living space. Read more

Manufactured Deck Railings Manufactured Deck Railings

These durable systems are much easier to install than site-built rails. Read more

Practical Cabinetmaking Practical Cabinetmaking

Build great-looking kitchens with these simple, efficient methods. Read more

Letters Letters

Tree roots and foundation cracks; code logic; mixing plastics; site-built arched trusses Read more

In the News
In the News

Energy Star raises the bar with tough new 2011 specs; asphalt roofing prices defy downturn; Pella scores high; more Read more

Q & A
Q&A Floor Level of the Garage

Q: Can the floor of an attached garage be at the same elevation as the floor of adjacent living space, or does there have to be a step down into the garage? Read more

Nail Stains and Mahogany Decking Q&A Nail Stains and Mahogany Decking

Q: The mahogany decking we installed on a house last year has developed some dark staining around the stainless steel nail heads (see photo). The staining is worse on the front porch, which is covered, and not nearly as bad on the back deck, which receives full sun. Whats causing it? Read more

Q&A How Safe is Spray-Foam Insulation?

Q: I've heard that polyurethane spray-foam insulation may contain penta-BDE, a chemical that is called a "toxic flame retardant" by the EPA and has been banned in some states. How much of a risk does this chemical cause for the installer and the homeowner, and are there alternatives? Read more

Q&A Using Nail Guns for Vinyl Windows

Q: Is it okay to use pneumatic nailers to install vinyl windows, or would that void the manufacturers warranty? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Flashing an Open Valley On the Job: Flashing an Open Valley

Open valley flashing; cooler cabinet Read more

Manufactured Deck Railings

A list of companies that offer deck-rail kits, plus links to their products Read more

Products Products

Toekick drawers; ductless cooktop exhaust; trimmable truss; low-profile smoke alarm; flexible cement board; light MDF; more Read more

Paslode CS150 Cap Stapler Toolbox Paslode CS150 Cap Stapler

A few years ago, I tested some of the new pneumatic cap staplers and cap nailers that had come on the market. Then Paslode introduced the CS150 cap stapler earlier this year, and I decided to try it out, too. Read more

Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamps Toolbits Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamps

Does the mere thought of your next stair job — all that tightening and loosening by hand of dozens of large clamps — have your carpal tunnel syndrome acting up? Read more

Crown Heritage EasAlign Handrail Joiner Toolbits Crown Heritage EasAlign Handrail Joiner

Joining stair handrail sections requires painstaking fitting and fastening, but the EasAlign system by Crown Heritage can make the job easier. Read more

M.Power Flat Lying Trammel Heads Toolbits M.Power Flat Lying Trammel Heads

M.Power's Flat Lying Trammel Heads have a pivoting point for fine adjustment and come with pencil and knife attachments. Read more

Bosch GTL3 Layout Laser Toolbits Bosch GTL3 Layout Laser

Part of Bosch's new laser line, the GTL3 layout laser projects 90- and 45-degree lines on a floor or wall. Read more

DeWalt DW030 Laser Distance Measurer Toolbits DeWalt DW030 Laser Distance Measurer

Laser distance meters allow one person to quickly measure a space with the push of a button, and they make area and volume calculations too. Read more

Ridgid 2-in-1 Close Quarters Autofeed Tubing Cutter Toolbits Ridgid 2-in-1 Close Quarters Autofeed Tubing Cutter

Cutting tubing inside a wall or other tight spot usually requires a midget cutter and nimble fingers, but Ridgid's new 2-in-1 Close Quarters Autofeed tubing cutter takes the fingers out of the equation. Read more

Micjosco Ceiling Saver Platform Toolbits Micjosco Ceiling Saver Platform

Increase your work area — and safety — in attics without floorboards by using The Ceiling Saver by Micjosco. Read more

Hilti PR26 Green Laser Level Toolbits Hilti PR26 Green Laser Level

According to Hilti, the new PR26 self-leveling rotating laser level's green beam is easier to see than the standard red. Read more

Flexible Trailer Storage Backfill Flexible Trailer Storage

Finish-carpenter Brian Campbell wanted to keep his tools organized in his work trailer and still be able to transport the occasional full load of cabinets. He took his cue from a slat-wall system, where shelves, brackets, and hangers can be freely inserted behind horizontal slats without fasteners. Read more

Other Articles
Energy Tax Credits Energy Tax Credits

Roll over this interactive poster to see the requirements and deadlines for remodeling-related energy improvements and equipment. The information comes from Remodeling magazine’s coverage of the stimulus package. Read more

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