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Framing an Elliptical Staircase Framing an Elliptical Staircase

Use a trammel to scribe a perfect pattern. Read more

Tool Test: Framing Nailers Tool Test: Framing Nailers

Look for a gun that toenails well and can consistently set fasteners in dense material. Read more

Reroofing With Concrete Tile Reroofing With Concrete Tile

Double-layer asphalt felt underlayment, sealeddown flashing systems, and firm tile attachment are the keys to an effective tile roof in hurricane country. Read more

Working With Self-Leveling Floor Underlayments Working With Self-Leveling Floor Underlayments

Flatten uneven subfloors quickly with these pour-inplace compounds. Read more


Lead-paint regulations; ice dams revisited Read more

JLC Report: Big Builders Push for Energy-Efficiency Initiative

Big builders push for energy-efficiency initiative; remodeling shows signs of rebound; San Francisco battles sewer sludge; more Read more

Capping a Chimney Chase Capping a Chimney Chase

Q: I have to build a framed chase for a gas fireplace's 6-inch vent pipe. What's the best way to finish the top of the chase? I had planned to use a metal cap, but I've noticed that a lot of these caps tend to be rusted. Read more

Which Window Area Ratio Is Better?

Q: I've seen window glazing area recommendations for energy-efficient houses stated in two ways: as a percentage of conditioned square footage and as a percentage of exterior wall area. Which is most useful, and why? Read more

How Far Can SIPs Be Cantilevered?

Q: When building with structural insulated roof panels, how far is it safe to cantilever (or project) the ends of a panel past the top plates? I like the idea of creating a protective overhang for the siding and windows. Read more

On the Job
Four Alternatives to the Competitive Bidding Process

A recent experience got me thinking about the competitive bid process. Read more

Walk-in Bathtub With Adjustable Wall Walk-in Bathtub With Adjustable Wall

At first glance you can't tell that the Elevance Rising Wall Bath is a walk-in tub. Read more

Insulated Framing Materials Block Thermal Bridging Insulated Framing Materials Block Thermal Bridging

Weyerhaeuser has introduced a line of framing material designed to reduce thermal bridging. Read more

Low-Impact House Wash Low-Impact House Wash

Pressure-washing is fast and effective, but it can also be destructive. Read more

A Greener Garage Door A Greener Garage Door

Eighty-eight percent of Overhead Door's EcoBuilt Garage Door Panel is derived from recycled Douglas fir, says the company, and the rest is a combination of exterior-grade resins and wax. Read more

Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors

The Skyline Series Enclosure features 3/8-inch-thick glass, recessed finger pulls, and - best of all - no metal surroundings. Read more

Steel/Polymer Garage Doors With Realistic Wood Look Steel/Polymer Garage Doors With Realistic Wood Look

Many steel-framed garage doors look like wood only from a distance. Read more

Prefab Arches Prefab Arches

Want to avoid the hassle of fabricating curved framing on site? Consider sending the plans to Custom-Arch and letting someone else do the work. Read more

Porcelain Tile From Recycled Bath Fixtures Porcelain Tile From Recycled Bath Fixtures

Fireclay Tile's Debris Series Recycled Tile is made from 70 percent recycled matter, most of it porcelain bathroom fixtures that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill, the company says. Read more

Custom Shower Control Custom Shower Control

Moen’s ioDigital vertical spa features a 7-inch-diameter rainshower, four body sprays, and an electronic control pad that allows up to four users to preset their preferred water temperature, flow rate, and spray pattern. Read more

Trouble-Free Tile Trouble-Free Tile

Though intended for the DIY market, Bondera TileMatSet could be a real time-saver for kitchen and bath remodelers too. Read more

Adjustable Level Adjustable Level

The Plumb Perfect Level features end gauges that can be dialed in or out to compensate for imperfect framing (or to establish a slope). Read more

Easy-Plunge Reciprocating Saw Blade Easy-Plunge Reciprocating Saw Blade

The Spyder Bore-Blade looks more like a miniature chain saw than a typical reciprocating saw blade. Read more

Patriotic Extension Cords Patriotic Extension Cords

As a Syracuse University basketball fan, I insist that all of my lead cords be orange. Read more

Precision Countersinking Drill Accessory Precision Countersinking Drill Accessory

ecause the Smart-Bit predrilling and countersinking tool is designed to perfectly match the shape, head diameter, and head angle of popular screws used for deck building and woodworking, it won't produce mushrooming when used with composites, says the maker. Read more

Staining Steel Garage Doors to Look Like Wood Staining Steel Garage Doors to Look Like Wood

As the owners of a San Clemente, Calif., specialty painting company called Rags 2 Rich's, husband-and-wife team Rich Howe and Cindy Miller do a wide range of faux-finish work, including convincing renderings of masonry, plaster, and marble. Read more

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