April 2012 Table of Contents

Replacing Hardwood Decking

Production processes done in the shop minimized material handling at the site and allowed the job to move forward in the shop while rain drenched the site. Read more

Retrofitting a First Floor Retrofitting a First Floor

Helical piers provided a practical alternative to cribbing the house. Read more

Weaving Roof Hips and Valleys With Wood Shingles Weaving Roof Hips and Valleys With Wood Shingles

Traditional methods speed production and ensure a leakproof roof. Read more

Letters Letters

Tax advice; accessibility caution; interpreting the RRP; concrete error; a little Friday humor Read more

Q&A: Hardwood Kitchen Countertops

Q: A client wants me to glue up a hardwood kitchen countertop for him. Is this asking for trouble, or can it be done successfully? What potential problems should I be aware of? Read more

Q&A: New Design Values for Southern Pine

Q: I use a lot of southern pine lumber, and I've heard that the design values for the material are about to change. How will that affect its use for things like framing or building decks? Read more

Q&A: How Flat Does a Subgrade Need to Be?

Q: When you're preparing the subgrade for an insulated slab foundation, how flat does the surface need to be before you lay out the rigid foam? Is "pretty flat" good enough, or do you have to eliminate every minor hollow and high spot? Read more

Q&A: Nailing Tips for Advanced Framing

Q: I can see the value in advanced framing in terms of reduced thermal bridging, better insulation, and savings in framing lumber. But I've hesitated to get serious about it because I worry that the absence of some familiar framing member is going to make Read more

Q&A: Snow on Batts

Q: I'm going to be removing the existing fiberglass batts from the attic of a moderately leaky older home, doing some air-sealing, and re-insulating with 16 inches of loose-fill cellulose. According to the homeowner, a dusting of fine powdery snow sometim Read more

Q&A: Pressurization vs. Depressurization in Blower-Door Tests

Q: When you're doing a blower-door test, does it matter whether you're pushing air in or pulling it out? In other words, is the air infiltration rate the same at -50 pascals as it is at +50 pascals? And if so, when would you use one approach and when the Read more

On the Job
On the Job: Building a Small Ceiling Dome On the Job: Building a Small Ceiling Dome

Building a small ceiling dome; installing sculptural wall panels Read more

Products Products

Permeable pavers; hardwood flooring; environmentally friendly bricks; tub and lav faucets; flood barrier; compact air exchanger; more Read more

Distressed, Prefinished Oak T&G Planks Distressed, Prefinished Oak T&G Planks

Create a "salvaged look" on floors, walls, and ceilings. Read more

Eco-Friendly Brick and Block Eco-Friendly Brick and Block

Masonry products made with sustainable manufacturing methods. Read more

Weymouth Faucets from Moen Weymouth Faucets from Moen

Traditional styling, water-saving features. Read more

Easy-Fit Heat-Recovery Ventilators Easy-Fit Heat-Recovery Ventilators

Fit in a closet; serve up to 1,000 square feet. Read more

Watersaving Dual-Flush Toilet Watersaving Dual-Flush Toilet

User can choose wash-down or siphon-action and water volume for each flush. Read more

Redesigned Aquatic Whirlpools Redesigned Aquatic Whirlpools

More jets, less water retained in pipes. Read more

Flood Barrier for Doors Flood Barrier for Doors

For flood-prone homes this add-on can prevent seepage through the bottom of exterior doors. Read more

Permeable Pavers Permeable Pavers

Prevent excessive stormwater runoff and earn LEED points for your project. Read more

Oak and Hickory Engineered Flooring Oak and Hickory Engineered Flooring

For parquet and plank-flooring designs. Read more

Toolbox: Hilti Cordless Autofeed Drywall Screw Guns Toolbox: Hilti Cordless Autofeed Drywall Screw Guns

Hilti cordless autofeed drywall screw guns Read more

Toolbits Toolbits

Framing blade; hammers; dust mask; safety gear for women Read more

Bosch Daredevil Circular Saw Blade Bosch Daredevil Circular Saw Blade

New design is supposed to cut straighter and stay sharp longer. Read more

Better Hammers from Hart Better Hammers from Hart

Nine new hammers with special features in weights from 18 to 25 ounces. Read more

Better Dust Mask Better Dust Mask

With integral carbon filter, it screens out particulates, fumes, and odors. Read more

Safety Gear for Women on Construction Jobs Safety Gear for Women on Construction Jobs

Better-fit goggles and hardhats in a variety of styles and colors. Read more

Re-roofing a Church Dome with Cedar Shingles Re-roofing a Church Dome with Cedar Shingles

Reshingling an Indiana landmark designed by Philip Johnson. Read more

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