January 2012 Table of Contents

The Best Air-Sealing Tips and Tricks for Homebuilding and Remodeling

Use specialized tools and materials and a methodical approach. Read more

2011 JLC Index

Our annual listing of features and departments. Read more

How to Build Cambered Columns from PVC Boards

A straight taper at the bottom transitions to a curve at the top, making for some careful millwork. Read more

TOOL TEST Tool Test: Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Drill/Drivers

The top models are serious drilling machines, with added features that make the job easier. Read more

How to Lower the Cost of RPP Compliance When Bidding on Small Jobs How to Lower the Cost of RPP Compliance When Bidding on Small Jobs

You can work safely and still compete with uncertified remodelers by understanding the rule. Read more


Attached vs. detached garages in wind zones; high-wind protection down under Read more

Soundproofing an Apartment Ceiling Soundproofing an Apartment Ceiling

How do you make a downstairs apartment quieter when the apartment upstairs is inaccessible? Read more

On the Job
On the Job: All-Terrain Material Cart On the Job: All-Terrain Material Cart

All-terrain material cart; transforming a fireplace Read more

On the Job Build an All-Terrain Materials Cart

Create an easy hauler for lumber and panels from supplies that you can find at the scrap yard. Read more

On the Job Build a Colonial-Style Fireplace Mantel

A finish carpenter shares his inspiration and know-how for an elegant transformation of a fireplace opening. Read more

Business Pros Benefit from Building Science Discussion Group

Tips for creating a community for learning, networking, and sharing with construction peers. Read more

Products Products

Dishwasher; deck screws; nontoxic paint; sliding-door track; refrigerated drawers; period moldings; battery operated heater; grab bar; fireproof foam; more Read more

Bosch 800 Plus Dishwasher Bosch 800 Plus Dishwasher

The quietest dishwasher available in North America? Read more

Designer Deck Screws Designer Deck Screws

Color-matching trim heads, sharp points, and self-clearing threads--designed for composite decking Read more

Non-Toxic Paints Non-Toxic Paints

"Green" paints claimed to be free of VOCs, formaldehyde, toxins, and carcinogens. Read more

Spec-Compliant Caulks Spec-Compliant Caulks

Product line takes the guesswork out of selecting sealants, adhesives, and foam. Read more

Silent Sliding-Door Hardware Silent Sliding-Door Hardware

Surface-mount round track and concave wheels that rotate on ball bearings. Read more

Fireproofing for Foam Fireproofing for Foam

Intumescent latex-based coating for foam-insulated attic and crawlspaces. Read more

Wall Outlet with USB Recharging Port Wall Outlet with USB Recharging Port

Grounded receptacle supports 120V plugs and USB cables Read more

Drawer-Style Refrigerator/Freezer Drawer-Style Refrigerator/Freezer

Undercounter drawer can be programmed with electronic controls to function as a refrigerator, chill drawer, freezer, or wine chiller. Read more

Historically Accurate Moldings Historically Accurate Moldings

Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival look-alike millwork Read more

Grab Bar and Toilet Paper Holder All in One Grab Bar and Toilet Paper Holder All in One

Curved design is easy to look at and easy to install. Read more

Faster, More Efficient Fridge Faster, More Efficient Fridge

Cools foods in half the time and exceeds energy efficiency standards. Read more

Cordless Jobsite Forced-Air Heater Cordless Jobsite Forced-Air Heater

Warm up to 800 square feet for up to 12 hours with this portable propane unit. Read more

Toolbits Toolbits

Painter’s tool; multipurpose blades; tape measure; cordless roofing nailer Read more

Hyde 14-in-1 Painter's Multi-Tool Toolbits Hyde 14-in-1 Painter's Multi-Tool

Handy 14-in-1 tool for painters Read more

OX-DU10 Superfast Diamond Saw Blades Cut Steel, Brick, Stone, and Concrete Toolbits OX-DU10 Superfast Diamond Saw Blades Cut Steel, Brick, Stone, and Concrete

Diamond circular saw blades cut metals, masonry and more Read more

I-Mark Self-Marking Tape Measure Toolbits I-Mark Self-Marking Tape Measure

Measure, press on the case, and you've made your mark Read more

Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer

Say no tanks or hoses for roofing repairs and small jobs in high places. Read more

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