March 2013 Table of Contents

Efficient Hot-Water Piping Efficient Hot-Water Piping

Smarter layouts and right-sized pipes save time, water, and energy Read more

Building Stem Wall Foundations - Part II Building Stem Wall Foundations - Part II

Continuous steel reinforcement ties the poured concrete walls to the footings Read more

Getting Started with TPO Roofing Getting Started with TPO Roofing

This tougher alternative to rubber membrane can be installed without adhesive Read more

Easier Coved Ceilings Easier Coved Ceilings

Prefab parts and flexible drywall simplify the installation of this classic detail Read more

Letters Nasty Business

This letter to the editor takes exception to Dennis Dixon's column "Getting Paid for Preconstruction Advice" Read more

Letters Preconstruction Agreement

A contractor describes his "Estimating & Design Proposal" Read more

Letters Don't Cut Historic Timbers

A reader suggests a better way to strengthen an old roof Read more

JLC Report
Overcrowded And Illegal "Maternity Hotels"

Although birth tourism itself is not illegal, critics charge that the practice has led to the creation of overcrowded and illegal "maternity hotels". Read more

Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit Extended

The New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit was extended to the end of 2013. Read more

JLC Report Light-Colored Parking Lots

Heat-reflecting asphalt can be as much as 40° cooler. Read more

JLC Report Streamlined Accessibility Requirements

California builders are reportedly pleased with the newest version of the state’s building code. Read more

"Overbaked" Fiberglass Batts Linked to Odor Problem JLC Report "Overbaked" Fiberglass Batts Linked to Odor Problem

Owens-Corning looks to better quality control to deal with a strong-smelling batt problem Read more

Q&A Vent Insulation Clearance

What are the requirements for Type B vent pipe? Read more

Roofing Underlayment Q&A Roofing Underlayment

Does the direction of the underlayment matter? Read more

Q&A Installing Interior PVC Trim

Tips on smoothing routed surfaces and gluing joints Read more

Q&A Hallway Outlets

What are the rules for eletrical outlets in hallways? Read more

On The Job
Wind- and Solar-Powered Generator On the Job Wind- and Solar-Powered Generator

Batteries that are recharged by solar panels and a wind generator supply DC power to an inverter, which converts it to AC power. Read more

Upgrading the WRB With a Drainage Mat On the Job Upgrading the WRB With a Drainage Mat

Installing one of these membranes can help prevent rot behind stone and masonry veneers Read more

Framing Fix for a Faulty Foundation On the Job Framing Fix for a Faulty Foundation

A foundation that is out-of-level and out-of-square can be fixed by shimming the joists, notching the plates, and adjusting their position on the foundation wall. Read more

The Paperless Office Business The Paperless Office

Storing documents in digital form saves time, money, and space Read more

Quiet Exhaust Fan Products Quiet Exhaust Fan

NuToneís LPN80 produces just one sone of noise and fits in a 2x4 wall Read more

Appliance Finish Products Appliance Finish

GE's "Slate" finish is a low-gloss alternative to stainless steel and black Read more

Touch-Free Faucet Products Touch-Free Faucet

Waving an object beneath the Sensate's spout turns it on and off Read more

Solar-Powered Skylight Products Solar-Powered Skylight

Velux's Fresh Air Skylight uses a solar panel to recharge a battery-powered control system Read more

Self-Adhered Housewrap Products Self-Adhered Housewrap

BlueskinVP serves as both housewrap and air barrier Read more

Rotproof Doors Products Rotproof Doors

Masonite's "Lemieux Torrefied Collection" doors are treated to resist heat, cold, and moisture Read more

Lightweight Roof Tiles Products Lightweight Roof Tiles

Quarrix Composite Tiles weigh a lot less than concrete and clay and come in six colors Read more

Skylift Roof Risers Products Skylift Roof Risers

A simple way to add a patio roof cover Read more

Lightweight Drywall Products Lightweight Drywall

Sheetrock UltraLight Panels weigh only 1.35 pounds per square foot Read more

Products Drainable Decking

Weyerhaeuser says its Edge Gold flooring panels shed water during construction delays Read more

Downsized Programming Products Downsized Programming

Honeywell's Prestige IAQ thermostat is 60% smaller than the companyís other programmable models Read more

Access Control Products Access Control

The pad on Schlage's Touch Screen Deadbolt lights up for use in the dark Read more

Makita Cordless Random Orbit Sander Toolbox Makita Cordless Random Orbit Sander

Though slower and heavier than corded models, the LXOB01 works surprisingly well Read more

Portable LP Generator Products Portable LP Generator

Generac's new LP5500 holds a 20- or 30-pound fuel tank Read more

Accutrax Pencil Blade Products Accutrax Pencil Blade

A unique take on the lowly carpenterís pencil Read more

High-End Level Toolbits High-End Level

Sola's solid, one-pound MM Torpedo Level should stand up to job-site abuse Read more

Compact Band Saw Toolbits Compact Band Saw

Powermaticís PM1500 15-inch band saw has a relatively small footprint and a 3-hp 230-volt motor Read more

The Secret Life of Cordless Drills Backfill The Secret Life of Cordless Drills

From trimming cow tails to powering wheelchairs, cordless drills have plenty of work to do even off the job site Read more

Other Articles
From the JLC Forums Patching for Smaller Recessed Lights

Tips about patching holes in drywall to accept smaller-diameter recessed fixtures Read more

From the JLC Forums Built-Up Exterior Trim

Solutions for building up trim to better complement the thickness of cedar shingles Read more

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