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Products Products by Dave Crosby All-Weather Adhesive Now available in a 5-ounce reusable, plastic one-step dispensing system, Epcon A7-5 anchoring adhesive is intended for cost-savings and convenient use by tradespeople, remodelers, and general contractors. Designed to flow freely at low temperatures, the material is also formulated not to sag, for convenient use in horizontal and overhead applications. The acrylic adhesive cures in 35 minutes at 65°F, is suitable for anchoring steel in solid or hollow masonry, and has code approval (ICBO ER-5560). It costs $14 per cartridge. Contact: ITW Ramset/Redhead, 1300 North Michael Dr., Wood Dale IL 60191; 800/899-7890; Electrical Safety Unexpected connection or disconnection of electrical plugs can be a real problem on