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The SteelPro from DML (Item #72803) is a 71/4-inch 38-tooth carbide blade designed to cut steel (see Figure 1). According to the manufacturer (Primark Tool Group, 1350 South 15th St., Louisville, KY 40210; 502/635-8100), this blade is recommended for thingauge ferrous metals, but it will cut steel up to 1 inch thick if it is softer than Rc-25. The blade is also supposed to cut rebar, galvanized steel, nail-embedded wood, Schedule 40 PVC or cast iron pipe, steel studs, and fiberglass. Does It Work? If these claims are true, this blade would be an outstanding addition to the toolbox. Steel angles, channels, and plates up to about 1/2 inch thick can solve a lot of problems on the