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In the News

  • Thingamejig Scribing Tool

    It's a bit pricey, but the Thingamejig may be the most cost-effective scribing tool available. Some folks will say they can achieve the same result with a $3 compass scriber. But they can't—at least not efficiently.

  • Why Builders are Having a Hard Time Finding Workers

    The shortage of skilled workers continues to slow-down the housing recovery. What's the solution for our industry?

  • Less Expensive Laser

    The Bosch GLL 3-50  is a less-expensive alternative to a pricier Bosch model that projects plumb, level, and square from a single, stationary point.

  • Innovative Ladder Brackets

    WorkSafe Ladder Brackets can prevent ladders from falling or kicking out by securing them to a sound fascia or another structural surface.

  • Time to Boycott Angie's List?

    Despite being popular with the consumer, Angie's List has been nothing but a headache for many contractors and remodelers ever since it started. It now appears that a number of people within the remodeling industry have had enough and are calling for it's head. Is it time to deliver a killing blow...

  • DeWalt Layout Laser

    This combination tool shoots both lines and dots, and can be used in place of a plumb bob.

  • The Super-Organized Shop Comes to the Jobsite

    If lean means learning to see waste and eliminating it, then this work setup is lean to the point of being skinny.

  • Code-Compliant Wood Walls

    The ICC and APA team up to provide guidance on building "R20" and "R-13+5"  wall to meet requiremtn in the the 2009, 2012 and 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

  • EPA Fines 35 Contractors and Training Providers for Lead-Paint Violations

    Cited for failing to minimize lead dust during home renovation activities, the companies now face more than $274,000 in civil penalties.

  • Stabila R-Beam Level

    A hands-on review of Stabila's new take on the box-beam level.

  • Time Lapse: Garage Wall Framing

    With the help of a telehandler two carpenters can do the work of four.

  • The End of Swipe-and-Sign

    Prepare to say farewell to the swipe-and-sign of a credit card transaction. It could help you collect payments.

  • Power Strip Made for the Jobsite

    The PowerClaw is a power strip built into a spring-loaded clamp.

  • Work truck: You're fired!

    Aaron Telian ditched his trucks and organized his tools so they'd fit in a Ford Transit.

  • Towns Shake Off Wood-Roof Ban ... For Now

    Are new wood roofs a fire hazard? Hearing arguments that today's roofing shakes have improved, two California town councils have decided to postpone a ban on wood shake roofs.

  • A Home with 19th-Century Bones and 21st-Century Guts

    To reach an energy performance standard near a Passive House on this 130-year-old Victorian house, the design team took a "box-within-a-box" approach.

  • The Historic District Renovation Blues

    What would you do? Go forward with unapproved renovations, then asks forgiveness, or wait out the review board? In Beaufort, S.C., one case study reveals the mine field of remodeling in a historic district.

  • Laser Site Calculator

    It's about time someone combined the laser distance measurer with a calculator.

  • No Such Thing as Too Much Light

    During the dark months of winter, wobble work lights shed enough light, while suffering the usual abuse dealt out by a framing crew.

  • Contractor Demolishes Wrong Home

    This is such stuff as nightmares are made of.