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Wellborn ColorInspire Program

Paint options from major manufacturers open Wellborn customers to a wealth of... More

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Interior Paint

Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd flows on and levels out like a traditional alkyd... More

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Oil Paints: Going, Going, Gone?

Environmental restrictions in the most populous areas of the country are making... More

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Q&A: Painting Galvanized Steel

Q: I build deck railings, awning frames, and other structures out of welded, galvanized steel tubing. I can’t get paint to stick for very long. So far I have only tried Rustoleum after using a mild acid rinse. It lasted about two years before the paint started to peel. Is there a product or technique that will last longer? More

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Latex Enamel Problems & Solutions

Paint that deteriorates prematurely makes the whole job look shoddy. Here are the most common causes for water-based paint failures, and what to do about them. More

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Brushing Up on Water-Based Paints

Federal regulation of VOCs has made the change to latex finishes inevitable. A painting contractor explains how to get the same quality and performance from water-based paints that you were accustomed to with oil-based products. More

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Q&A: Vapor-Retarder Paints

Q: Do "vapor-retarder paints" really work? Can I rely on them as the sole vapor barrier in an old house? If so, can you recommend some brand names? More

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