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JLC June Letters

Risinger’s recent video sparks a debate about Tyvek, and a reader takes issue with foam-slicing saws. More

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DuPont ThermaWrap R5.0

Polyester-lined Tyvek provides R-5 insulation More

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Pneumatic Shingle Knife ~ Cellular PVC Decking ~ Last Line of Defense ~... More

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Kitchen & Bath: From the Aisles of the K&B Show

Products from the 2001 K&B Industry Show More

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Innovative Products for 2001

Every year, product and tool manufacturers vie for your attention with the latest, greatest releases guaranteed to help you work faster, better, cheaper. Here’s our pick for 2001. More

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What's New in Solid-Surfacing

The solid-surfacing industry is changing fast as more manufacturers enter the market. Here’s an update of new product choices, plus a review of tools designed specifically for solid-surface fabrication. More

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Choosing a Sheathing Wrap

We take a look at the key differences between housewrap, asphalt felt, and kraft building paper to help you make the right choice. More

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Q&A: Preventing Wind Washing of Attic Insulation

Q: Since ventilated attics can be breezy, doesn’t the wind rob heat from the insulated ceiling? Would it help to install housewrap on top of the R-38 fiberglass batt insulation? If the client wanted a storage area, I could install plywood over the housewrap. Similarly, would it help to have housewrap on the back of second-floor kneewalls, which I typically insulate with R-24 batts? More

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Housewrap vs. Felt

We’ve fielded a lot of questions from builders who use housewrap air barriers, but wonder how these new mate-ials compare with felt paper when it comes to keeping water out of the walls. An expert in wood technology draws on his own research to explain how the properties of housewraps and felt affect their performance as a water-resistant barrier under siding. More

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Housewrap debate continues, job-site power tips, commonsense safety, roof framing math More

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