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November 2014 Letters

Emailing proposals; strapping ceilings; caulking fiber-cement joints More

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Engineered Trim & Siding

Engineered wood, fiber cement, and plastic can provide the look of natural wood siding and trim without the limitations of the real thing. More

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New Tools for 2002

From the aisles of the National Hardware Show, these pro-duty tools may answer the needs of your production team. More

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Liability for kids on the job site; builders selling Internet access with new homes; beetles plague California builder; growth control defeated in recent elections; more More

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Quick hanger for heavy loads; vent-boot for the color conscious; solar-activated attic fan; spray-on roof patch; foundation crack repair kit; mortarless retaining wall; clear cement caulk; sound-reducing underlayment; premolded skylight curb flashing; more More

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JLC Online

Nailers vs. staplers for shingles, favorite sawhorses, savvy advertising, MDF molding, and more More

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Site Test: Coil Siding Nailer

A West Coast contractor puts coil siding nailers through their paces on the job site and reports on the results. More

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On-Site With Fiber-Cement Siding

We take a close look at handling, cutting, installing, and painting fiber-cement to see how it compares with traditional lap siding. More

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Exterior Trim: Alternatives to Solid Wood

While good-quality finish lumber has grown more scarce and expensive, the lumber industry has been developing wood-based engineered alternatives. Here’s an overview of the best options on the market today. More

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Working With Tile Backerboard

As a substrate for tile, cement-based backerboards have become the leading choice over moisture-resistant drywall and mortar systems. We sort through the options and give tips for a problem-free installation. More

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