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Boston Harbor Lighthouse Gets A New Owner, And A Future

Special-effects expert Dave Waller has a new project to keep him busy in his spare... More

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Q&A: Choosing and Finishing Porch Boards

Q: I am planning to replace the porch floor on a 120-year-old Victorian home. Since cedar and redwood seem too soft for a porch floor, I am choosing between tongue-and-groove yellow pine, vertical-grain fir, and mahogany. Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of these species when used for a porch floor? As for the finish, I’m considering a transparent oil stain, because deck paint is slippery to walk on, and the stain will allow the wood grain to show through. It’s also an advantage that a stain will not peel. What is your advice? More

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Builder's Library: Historic Preservation Briefs
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Restoration Primer: Historic House Plans
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Restoring & Repointing Brick Masonry

How modern and traditional techniques can work together to preserve deteriorating masonry. More

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Restoration Primer: Pieces of the FedReg Puzzle

Putting together the FedReg puzzle. More

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