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A "Conventional" High-R Wall

Matt Risinger and Mark LaLiberte team up at the 2016 IBS to examine a partnership... More

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The Green Police Break Down a Complete Wall System

Michael Anschel and Carl Seville agree that wall systems are great. In this... More

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Bullet Centerfire Foam-Cutting Saw Blades

Carbon steel Centerfire circular saw blades have a knife edge rather than saw... More

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Owens Corning Propink EcoTouch R-20 Insulation

New energy codes are calling for higher R-values in the walls More

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Architectural Shingles In Non-Traditional Colors

Owens Corning’s Designer Colors Collection consists of Duration and Duration... More

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Double Insulated

Owens Corning’s EnergyComplete System has two components: a latex-based spray foam... More

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Grout removal tool; flooring clamps; foundation drain mat; painter’s tool belt; trackless bi-fold hardware; composite decking; aluminum scaffold planks; more More

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Q&A: Sound-Control Batts

Q: Are sound-control batts any different from regular fiberglass batts? More

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Q&A: Finishing a Basement Wall

Q: I would like to install insulation and drywall to finish off a poured-concrete basement wall. Although the basement is high and dry, with no signs of moisture problems, I’m still concerned about condensation. I’d like to know where to install the vapor barrier, if any, and whether there is any advantage to sealing the concrete wall with paint. More

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For What It's Worth

Acoustic batts, pretiled shower pan, drywall patching tape More

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