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Prefinished Strip Flooring

Recent advances in surface finishes, a wider selection of woods and colors, and improvements in the installed appearance make a strong case for factory-finished floors. More

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New prefinished hardwood strip flooring; NFL hardhats; concrete anchors to withstand seismic vibration; airtight attic hatch; shears for asphalt shingles; contoured underlayment for vinyl siding; no-drip faucet connectors; strap-on sandals for gripping roof surfaces; more More

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Quality Vinyl Floors

A professional floor installer describes the best methods and materials to use for a durable resilient floor. More

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Underlayments for Resilient Flooring

With resilient flooring, the choice of underlayment is critical. This guide to selection and installation will help you get good performance. More

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Floating Hardwood Floors

Longstrip floors, manufactured and prefinished in Europe, install quickly and can go over almost any level surface. An industry consultant explains how. More

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JLC Field Guide
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