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Blackout Blues Emergency power generation is on the want-list of lots of homeowners. Installing a Powerstation outside the home meets core power requirements during a temporary power outage. The propane- or natural gas-fired unit powers up automatically when the grid is disrupted, and the UL-approved automatic-transfer switch makes a smooth transition to emergency power. The unit comes in 8,500-, 10,000-, and 15,000-watt versions, from $3,995 to $5,500, available through distributors. Contact: Coleman Powermate, 4970 Airport Rd., Kearney, NE 68848; 800/445-1805; Geriatric Gypsum Fix Adrywall surface isn't all it's cracked up to be after a few years in service. It's easily dented, and the seams and fasteners have a tendency to show through, even on carefully finished work. Brush, roll, or spray Plaster-Weld bonding agent onto painted