18-Volt Cordless Circular Saws

The Makita saw has a built-in light that is activated when the trigger is depressed slightly; the Hitachi and Ridgid are similarly equipped.

Contrasting colors and graduations one degree apart make this quadrant on the saw above easier to set and read ...

... than the quadrant on this more basic model.

The author checked the accuracy of the cut-line markers by cutting with the baseplate against a framing square and then pulling the saw back to see if the cut-line marker aligned with the kerf.

The cut-line marker on this saw is off by almost half the width of the kerf.

The one on this saw is dead-on.

To ensure accurate timing during the main power test, the author built a crosscutting guide with embedded micro-switches at either end wired to an electronic stopwatch.

The stopwatch started when the saw hit the first switch and stopped when it hit the second.

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