A Deck Builder’s Tool Kit

The Gutster provides excellent leverage for prying apart framing and removing the first couple of deck boards.

We use the Duckbill Deck Wrecker to remove deck boards.

When we need to flush-frame joists to girders, we use a Joist Jaw to support the pieces.

For nailing in close spaces, we now use Milwaukee’s M12 Red Lithium 12V palm nailer.

We like the Tiger Claw system because it installs quickly and holds well.

When fastening the clips to wood framing, we use the Tiger Claw pneumatic installation gun, which is similar to a metal connector nailer.

We use the Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System for borders and inlays; it consists of an installation jig and proprietary self-drilling screws that toenail through the edge of the deck board.

The Jig-A-Deck is designed to place face screws in line with the center of the joist and equidistant from the edges of either 4-inch or 6-inch deck boards.

The BoWrench allows you grasp the top of a joist and pry bowed deck boards into position.

I recently began using the Deckmaster PowerHand, a device that grasps a joist or adjacent deck board to push or pull bowed boards into place.

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