A Fiber-Cement Sunburst, Images 1-11

After stripping the old siding, I measured down perpendicularly from the peak to the base of the gable, and up the rake from the base flashing to the peak.

I snapped out the gable full-scale on some sheets of plywood.

With the steep pitch, the full semicircle looked right, so I cut a pattern out of 3/4-inch plywood.

In this case, the diameter of the half circle was about a fifth the length of the base of the triangle.

Next I marked out the clapboards along the rake, starting at the bottom and marking the exposure up both sides.

I marked the layout on the half-circle pattern.

Marking the layout on the half circle

Then I transferred the marks to the full-scale layout.

I now had endpoints for the rays marked on the sheets of plywood, so I snapped lines through the marks.

I laid out every ray from a couple of inches inside the half circle to a point several inches past the rake line.

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