A Fiber-Cement Sunburst, Images 12-20

I measured and rough-cut the first few clapboards to length, offsetting them and cutting several at a time.

I marked the rake angle at one end.

Then I set each board on the full-scale layout to scribe the cut line.

I worked up from the bottom, marking opposite pieces, then placing them back-to-back and cutting both at once.

I then placed the tapered boards back on the full-scale layout and positioned the next pieces for scribing.

I repeated the process I repeated the process until I was ready for the last piece.

I centered the top piece before tracing it, though, so the grain would run parallel to its centerline and perpendicular to the base.

After cutting out the last piece, I smoothed both its edges with a belt sander.

I next duplicated the half circle, placing a couple of fiber-cement cutoffs side by side and tracing around the plywood pattern.

I cut them out with a jigsaw fitted with a carbide tile blade, which works well for cutting fiber-cement siding.

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