A Fiber-Cement Sunburst, Images 21-30

I laid tar paper across the template and cut it to size so that it would neatly fit the gable.

Everything was now ready to be loaded on the lift and installed.

I worked up from the bottom, aligning the narrow end with the marks on the plywood template, and marking the overlap on the wide end to guide the next course.

I nailed where necessary, using roofing nails for blind nailing and screw-shank nails for the exposed spots.

The clapboard is always predrilled through both courses.

Because of the small overlap, I ran a bead of caulk along the top edge of each clapboard.

I worked up both sides to the top piece, which I caulked along both edges before installing.

I then installed the fiber-cement "sun" on top of the plywood template and carefully caulked the joints at the bottom of the rays.

I reinstalled the bed molding, and the gable was ready for paint.

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