A Practical Prefab Dormer, Images 11-20

Squaring Up: We added a bottom plate, then squared up the assembly.

Squaring Up: Toenailing it to the deck kept it from shifting around as we worked on it.

Front Wall: We laid out the front wall sheathing, pulling the radius for the arch-top window with a measuring tape.

Front Wall: Openings were cut out with a circular saw.

Front Wall: Openings were cut out with a circular saw.

Front Wall: We held the sheathing back 3/4 inch at the top to allow the gable sheathing to lap the plate. We then filled in the rest of the front wall framing, doubling up the corner studs and installing trimmers and a sill.

Rafters: Though the construction drawings showed curved rafter tails cut out of full-dimension 2x12s, I decided that framing the roof with straight rafters and building up the curved profile with horizontal blocking would be easier and provide better nailing for the bent sheathing. We made a rafter pattern out of 2x6 stock and cut the first pair of rafters.

Rafters: The rafters are installed flush with the gable end and their plumb cuts flush with the outside edges of the sidewalls.

Curved Gable: To create the flared eaves, we used the curved-gable sheathing as a pattern. We scribed the gable according to the architect's plans, then cut it out.

Curved Gable: The gable is nailed up.

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