Air-Sealing Options: Best

Reaching the tightest air sealing standards (below 1 ACH50) starts at the earliest framing stages. Here, the author’s crew is installing a Bensonwood home, which includes a double bulb gasket between SIP wall panels.

Roof panels have a rubber gasket to seal where panels meet at the ridge.

All panel interstections, including the joints between the walls and roof, are taped-off with SIGA tapes (16). Overhangs are framed in after the exterior has been completely air and waler sealed.

All ductwork, plumbing and electrical is routed within strapped walls and interior framing cavities, keeping everything inside the envelope and minimizing penetrations.

SIPs panels made with ZipWall sheathing get taped off before overhangs installed for a more dependable air and water-seal of the shell.

Another home built by the author is a the “Perfect Wall” house. The house is framed and sheathed, without overhangs and the entire shell sealed with a peel-andstick membrane.

Four inches of polyiso board on the walls and 8 inches of polyiso on the roof complete the envelope.

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