An Affordable Passive House Part II

The carpenters attached an OSB gusset to the top plate of the 2x4 bearing walls.

The carpenters set the mono-pitched roof trusses.

The roof was conventionally framed and covered with asphalt shingles.

The author applied strips of Vycor membrane at stud locations to ensure that the fasteners securing the vertical I-joists would not create leaks in the OSB air barrier.

Securing the vertical I-joists.

Twelve-inch-deep wood I-joists were fastened to the studs of the inner wall with GRK structural screws to create space for cellulose insulation.

GRK structural screw.

A metal termite shield protects the foam insulation below.

The gaps around the window bucks were insulated with spray foam.

A secondary asphalt-faced fiberboard sheathing was installed over the wood I-joists to retain the cellulose insulation.

Edge gaps were sealed with spray foam.

The shell was covered with housewrap.

The window bucks were protected with flashing tape.

The window units were installed.

Windows were secured with metal clips.

Frames were taped and air-sealed.

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